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“Always we begin again…”

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“Always we begin again” said St. Benedict in the prologue to his monastic rule.  It’s good to remember this.  I’m beginning to come here again, to see what ends up spilling out on the page.  I want to crawl under a rock, scold myself for not being here for so very long.  Yet, Reading & Writing a Life has been sitting here, waiting for me to “begin again.”  Not that I haven’t been reading and writing since I was last here.  These two practices are part of my daily routine, always, to some degree.  But, coming here to the blog takes a little bit more of a commitment, or a statement that I make to myself, outloud, and to those of you who read this.  Someone once said that it didn’t matter how many times you fell down, what mattered was that you got up. So, I’m up again!  I will not say I’ll be here every day but I will be here.  I will show up and put some words on the page.  I will check in with me and you if you are here and share what the “reading & writing life” has been about at this given time.  Thanks for listening.


ready to “begin again”….

Author: carladpineda

a woman whose life has been shaped by reading and writing

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