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Ekprastic Poetry

Ekprastic poetry…a new term for me.  An ekprastic poem is simply a poem written in response to a visual work of art.  A few weeks ago my women’s writing group went on a “field trip” for our regular monthly writing group.  We went to the Radius Building, a downtown gallery/office space here in San Antonio where a textile art show was hanging.  Because we were there in the evening we had the space all to ourselves and were able to spend quiet, reflective time with each of the 12 artists’ masterpieces.  An extra bonus was  meeting with  the teacher of these women who talked with us about her students, the process they go through in her classes, and her thoughts on some of their pieces.  Then  each of us wandered through the space, reflected on each of the pieces until we settled in with the one that spoke to us. Quiet, reflective time led to writing, writing to sharing, sharing to a deeper appreciation for the art and for our own words.

I marvel at the way creativity builds on creativity.  One person creates, another responds from their own creative center  , and no telling what will be revealed.

Upon Viewing Continuum 3:(fabric art by Joy Lavrencik)

My heart feeling movement  The dancing broom swirling over floor cloth paper   Black swirls curved energy a deep dance pushing energy into a  room into me

My eye drawing in   A golden sphere of light circling out

I am riding the broom painting the cloth