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Book Review: Baffled by Love by Laurie Kahn

32445648  This was not an especially easy book to read yet I could not put it down.  Laurie Kahn is a pioneer in the field of trauma therapy and knows her topic well.  In Baffled by Love: Stories of the Lasting Impact of Childhood Trauma Inflicted by Loved Ones she tells the stories of her clients who experienced love in ways painful and traumatic.  Yet, they all still long for the “good” kind of love we all long for.  What makes this book different from others I have read about this topic is that Laurie has woven threads of her own story into the narrative.  Her knowledge of the topic (she founded the Womancare Counseling and Training Center in 1980), her deep connection and commitment to her clients, and the transparency of her own story makes for a powerful read.  Laurie has told these stories, adding to the ongoing body of work in this area, and she has told them from her heart.  This is rare in a book of this genre.  I highly recommend it.